Women's Soccer Coach celebrates 300 Career Wins after game against Canada

300 Wins Picture

Oliver Germond, Head Coach of Women's Soccer at FCC achieved his 300th Career Win after a 4-1 game against Canada College. This season is Germond's 18th year as Head Coach for the team after taking up the role in 2001.

"It's the same thing I tell the girls," Germond explains, "we're all part of this program, obviously it wasn't just me that won all these games. I'm proud of our program and where we're at. I'm proud of our success, and we just want to continue to be successful. I always tell the girls that our success helps them transfer to four-year schools, and anything we do successfully brings attention to our program, and the school."

Last year, the majority of the team's sophomores were able to obtain Division 1 and Division 2 Scholarships, and for Coach Germond, that's what it's all about. "Personally, 300 is just a number. But when we receive this sort of positive recognition, it's good for our players and it's good for our program." Germond says on a final note.

This team has a lot to be proud of after coming in first place in last year's playoffs, and has been keeping that momentum coming into it this year. It looks like Coach Germond and his team have another promising season ahead of them.