Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Fresno City College Sports Medicine Department to provide student-athletes of Fresno City College with the highest quality healthcare possible that reflects the mission and vision of the institution.

Mission Statement

Fresno City College Sports Medicine Department delivers athletic training and sports medicine services to student-athletes, services provided are divided into five areas:

  1. Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  2. Recognition, Evaluation and Immediate Care of Athletic Injuries
  3. Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries
  4. Health Care Administration
  5. Professional Development and Responsibility

We are committed to delivering these services with up to date, innovative and progressive techniques through evidence based practices. We will continue to strive for excellence by upgrading skill development, education, and equipment to deliver the most affordable and advanced care assuring student-athletes with the best and safest care possible.

The purpose of the sports medicine program is to:

  1. Allow easy access to sports medicine services to student-athletes
  2. Encourage a philosophy of sport that places a lifetime value on health and wellness
  3. Enable injured student-athletes with the quickest return to play as medically possible
  4. Reduce the risk of athletic injury for student-athletes in our service

The fundamental philosophy of the Fresno City College Sports Medicine Department is to create an environment and service which places the health, well-being and safety of the student athlete of utmost importance. Through the development of the student-athlete as a member of a team, pupil of the institution and member of the community their achievement on and off of the field will strive to have an impact here in the Valley.

Finally, the Sports Medicine Department aspires to be a recognized program of excellence and a leader in sports medicine philosophy. It is the intention of this program to support the athletic department and Fresno City College to accomplish shared goals and become the most outstanding provider of sports medicine services in the region.